Barry Lyndon

I've never seen a Stanley Kubrick film I didn't like, so when Matt suggested Barry Lyndon (which I'd never heard of) I tucked it away in my memory.

It was my birthday on Sunday, and I'd intended to visit the excellent On The Video Front, and leave with Dr Strangelove, but someone had beaten me to him, so I made a lunge for Barry Lyndon. It's the work of a perfectionist. Every part of every scene is meticulously composed. I love the huge amount of thought that went into the film. It's the sort of thing one can watch repeatedly. Especially if, like me, you generally find plots hard to follow!

I think my friends found it to be better than they thought they would.

Note to self: Must put cartons of orance juice etc. out on table, and not leave them hidden in 'fridge. Also, must leave bottle opener on table.

When Bill turned up for my previous film, he brought a hat and lots of warm clothes. It wasn't a joke, it's freezing in my house. I know it was the big gap under the front door that did it. On Saturday my dad helped me adjust the step to close the gap. I think it's working! This time the house was nice and toasty.

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