Le Citoyen Blogueur: 5

It's been raining heavily all day, and probably much of the previous night. This afternoon I walked in the rain to Saint Barthelemy for my customary presion, and then back towards Chamblard. Now, the problem is that to get home from Chamblard I had to cross the stream, and the stream was in full flood because of the rain.

I hopped from the bank to a rock, lost my footing and landed up standing in a shallow part of the stream. I got onto another rock, then tried to wade across. I again lost my footing, but it was a deep part of the stream so I had to start swimming in the fast flowing water. I made it to the other side, but it was foolhardy to take the risk of crossing.

My mobile got waterlogged, and it's stopped working. I'm sure it'll get going again once it's dried out.

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