Le Citoyen Blogueur: 1

I'm writing from somewhere in France. For obvious reasons my precise location cannot be disclosed. I'll file reports back to you at HQ for as long as I remain undiscovered. After that, the game is up.

Yesterday at the house, the pressure of the water supply lessened. I followed the pipe to its source in a stream. The problem was that the level of the stream had dropped below the level of the pipe, so no water was getting in. Charles and I dug a depression in the stream bed so the end of the pipe would be under water. This is how it looked after we had finished:

There's a storage tank half way down the hill, so there's always water when you need it:


  1. I believe that your title should be : Le citoyen blogueur
    With a 'u' letter after the 'g'.

  2. Thanks Pascal, I've updated all the titles!