Renting my garden as an allotment

I'd like to see my back garden put to use. I have in mind an allotment. The problem is that I haven't got the interest or enthusiasm to actually do the hard work of growing vegetables.

So my plan is to rent out my garden as an allotment, through the district council. Apparently there's a shortage of allotments, and the district council already has a scheme set up. I'll let you know what happens.

I'm giving this the CO2 footprint label because:
  • I wouldn't have to mow the back garden every week, which causes CO2 emissions.
  • Food grown locally should be less CO2 intensive.


  1. Good idea, but why go through the council? Just put a notice up. To save CO2 you need to get someone very local so they don't drive to and fro.

    I applied for my 1st allotment last week. Between a 4 and 10 year waiting list!!

  2. Thanks for your encouragement. I'm going through the council because I assume that they'll take care of the legal / financial bits.

    They don't seem terribly keen on my small 38m2 back garden though! I may well take up your suggestion of putting a notice up.