Ender's Game

Somehow I already knew the basic idea behind Ender's Game. The idea reached me by word of mouth; I was infected by the meme! Then one day I was discussing the meme with Janos, who knew the book and lent it to me.

Ender's Game did not disappoint. Perhaps the aim of sci-fi is to combine a brilliant idea with a gripping story. Ender's Game certainly did that, and it's lasting reputation is deserved.

One gripe I have when writing about books and films is that many of them aren't free content. I'm part of the free culture movement. I'm in favour of the idea of property for physical things, but intellectual property is an oxymoron. When you're talking about information, a whole new set of rules apply. You should be able to do anything you like with information; copy it, sell it, modify it, whatever. The only thing you shouldn't be able to do is remove these freedoms.

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