Last Light

In order to cheer me up, Bob at work lent me Last Light by Alex Scarrow. The jacket read, 'they tell us not to panic...the lights will go out...people will walk the devastated streets...civilization will be at the point of no return'. If that's meant to cheer me up, I'd hate Bob to recommend me a depressing book.

The book's about an artificial peak oil scenario. Over the past few year, I've found myself circulating in a milieu of peak oil buffs, and their feeling is that global civilization could well collapse. I disagree.

As oil runs out, its price will increase. This will make alternative sources of energy steadily more attractive, and the world will switch to those.My detractors say, 'Tony, you can't just leave it to the free market. We need government intervention NOW!'.

Well, we'll see who's right...

Oh yes, and the book was gripping.


  1. Hi Tony. I'm the author...I was trawling through blog hits on 'Last Light' and found your post.

    First of all, thanks for name-checking the book, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'd dearly love to think market-forces will dive in and bail us out at the eleventh hour, and they may well, but I feel, it's madness to wait around and hope that will happen.

    Personally, I'm no big fan of free-market capitalism, nor of the sort of decisions this corrupted paradigm spits out; decisions which mostly are about salary bonuses 6 months down the line, than they are about long term strategic planning.

  2. Wow, an author comment! How cool is that? I've been insufferable, boasting to all and sundry about it.