Trowbridge East by-election 2008

On Thursday there's a Wiltshire County Council by-election for my ward, Trowbridge East. I've done a little table to help me decide who to vote for. Don't rely on this table for your own information, look at the primary sources.

IssueTom JamesPeter FullerDavid McQueenMe
Local post office closuresOpposesOpposesI think that this is a commercial decision for the Post Office themselves.
Local hospital closureOpposesThe private sector should compete to provide health care, funded by central government, with patient choice at its heart. In the meantime, I don't know whether it's right to close Trowbridge hospital or not.
Doorstep cardboard collectionSupportsSupportsI favour doorstep collection, together with a disposal tax on products. The current administration isn't managing to collect cardboard even at the current collection points.
More pedestrian crossingsSupportsYes, as long as they're zebra crossings.
Affordable housingSupportsParticularly on brownfield sitesI'd like a building area tax.
Hilperton GapSupportsSupportsI support the preservation of this green space.
More school placesSupportsI'd like education to be privatised, but still funded by the state.

Actually I still don't know for whom I should vote. Okay, let's rule out Fuller because my direct experience of the conservatives' running of the cardboard recycling has been lamentable. Alright, I'll support the Green. I'm against his policy of subsidising public transport though.

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