National DNA database

I find myself in favour of a national DNA database that holds a DNA record for every UK citizen. Isn't this an infringement of civil liberties? I strongly support civil liberties such as freedom of speech and due legal process, but I feel that privacy issues belong in a seperate category.

I personally don't mind being on CCTV for example, and I wouldn't mind my DNA being held on a database. Of course, it cuts both ways. I suspect that one would be thrown out of a shop if one started filming it, and the police probably don't allow people to film them. I support the principle that if they can film you, you should be able to film them.

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  1. Wow! Something to disagree with in every post!

    A bit like the pre-crime department in Minority Report, DNA is foolproof unless someone tampers with the evidence. What it does is absolves the police of ever having to do any real work because once they have DNA the case is sewn up tight. We must be very wary of tools that the government can easily use for oppression.

    Oh, and CCTV is to protect property, not people. I used to live in a flat in town and someone was murdered outside my doorway one night. Nobody has ever been convicted despite it being one of the most heavily surveyed parts of the city.