New Own Id setup instructions

In response to Hugo Hallman's comment I've changed the instructions to make it a bit easier to set up a domain name. Thanks to Hugo for his feedback.

I've also changed the XRDS document so that Own-Id now supports all versions of OpenId.

Btw, we now have 13 users (domains).


  1. Thanks for this service.

  2. I also wanted to mention that for my domain provider I am unable to point my DNS to www.own-id.com.

    Godaddy.com requires that I point to an IP Address. So I have pointed to:

    Hopefully this is a static IP Address, if not then my domains will not point to own-id.com if the IP address of the domain changes.

  3. Hello Jeff. I use GoDaddy.com as well, and the tool to use is called 'Total DNS'. That will let you add a new CNAME record.

    Happy DNS pointing!

  4. Thanks. I had created a A (Host) entry instead of a CNAME entry. I have made the change. Thanks for your clarification.