The Birds (short story)

I'm not a fan of short stories. I want a proper story; short story - short changed. With Daphne du Maurier's The Birds, I loved the story but it ended too soon. I couldn't believe it had ended. Can some talented writer finish it off please?

The thing I like about Du Maurier's writing is how she can evoke a dark mood in a very subtle way in everyday circumstances. John Wyndham's writing has a similar quality.

I'm seeing the film this evening. I gather that it's only very loosely based on the book. It'll be the first Hitchcock film I've seen!

PS. My question to you is; would modern double-glazing stop the birds?

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  1. Modern double glazing definitely stops one rather large pigeon, as I discovered when we came home from work to a rather feathery imprint on our window. As there was no carcass the pigeon in question must have flown off, so repeated attempts may have more impact as might a massed attack as described in The Birds. Emily