HTML discovery in OpenId 2.0

The OpenId 2.0 specification is intended to be backwards compatible. However in the latest draft (12), the recommended markup for HTML discovery gives the 'rel' attribute in the 'link' element the values 'openid2.provider openid.server' and 'openid2.local_id openid.delegate'. In OpenId 1.x the values for 'rel' were simply 'openid.server' and 'openid.delegate'.

So to really be compatible with previous versions, the markup should be the same as in OpenId 1.x. I urge the authors of the specification to change it back. In my experience with OwnId if you stick to the specification on this, you break compatibility with previous versions.

Come to think of it, I don't see why a link to the server is needed at all. Can someone explain this to me?


Down with passwords!

There's a new version of OwnId:
  • No password to remember, authentication is done with OpenId.
  • Now supports version 2 of OpenId.

We've now got 3 users, including me!


A common tax rate on all forms of capital income

I always look forward to Willem Buiter's posts, and his latest, on a common tax rate on all forms of capital income is absolutely spot on. In fact I've added it to my manifesto.

I especially like the added justification on the end:
[stop the] privately profitable but socially unproductive labour from tens of
thousands of tax lawyers, tax accountants and other tax efficiency experts and
free them for socially productive labour



It was uncanny the way that every scene was exactly as I had imagined it when reading the book. Very moving, I was embarassed to be tearful several times during the film. The theme of typing, cleverly hinted at the fact that this was Briony's narrative. This device ran the risk of cheapening the film by being rather heavy handed, but just about trod the right side of the line. I used vouchers given to me by my brother, so thanks to him!


New site - Own Id

We've got a new domain name, and redesigned the site for http://www.own-id.com/. We're sort of trying it out at the moment, so let me know what you think.


A Deepness in the Sky

This is the second Vernor Vinge I've read, and it came up to the same high standard of the first. Again his imagination stands out as exceptional.

In this and many other sci-fi books, democracy is ignored. Why is that?


Own Id

I've put up a gadget that lets you use your own domain name (e.g. id.tlocke.org.uk) as an OpenId identifier. The code is released as Free Software.