Sinclair C5 is a straw man

On Monday I went to the excellent Bath Science Cafe, where the talk was on the science of replacing oil with biofuels in transport. The greater part of the evening is a discussion with everyone in the pub and people are encouraged to put questions to speaker. I asked, 'What's your view of electric cars as a competitor to biofuel powered cars?'. The reply was, 'I really don't see people driving around in a Sinclair C5.' This is of course the straw man fallacy.

I turned to my friend Bill and bet him that in 10 years there will be more passenger miles travelled in electric cars than travelled using biofuel powered cars. The number for electric cars doesn't include hybrids, but 5% biofuel mixes and the like do count, but for only 5% of the passenger miles, if you see what I mean. Bill is still considering accepting the bet, but I've mentioned it to several other people and I've recorded which way they've bet.


  1. I don't know anything about a straw man but it was certainly a false syllogism 'Will people drive electric cars?'+'A C5 is an electric car'='People in the future will drive C5s'. Knob.

  2. bigger knobbeeeerrrrr