The Watcher

My friend Zoe moved house recently, and was offering people books that otherwise would be thrown out. One of the books I took was 'The Watcher' by Jane Palmer. I think I'm probably missing the point somewhat, but it read like a children's book. Not that that's a bad thing, but was it Palmer's intention?

It kept my attention engaged, and there were some genuinely humorous moments. At one point the android is reprimanded by its creator:

'You did nothing You are totally useless. You will dismantle yourself and cease functioning. You cannot even be trusted to collect elementary information about the planet.'

'I can walk under water. [...] And I've got a good job in the police force.'

One of the things I didn't like was the idea of people having spirits. It reminded me of the agent detection theory of God and spirits that I first read about in Stephen Pinker's 'How the Mind Works'.

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