Should I sell my car?

My car sits in the garage unused. It's in good working order and I've got a licence to drive it, it's MOTed and insured and everything. I've got two reasons for selling:

1. My car runs on a fossil fuel and so contributes to global warming.
2. One could easily have (cause?) an accident.

and I've got two reasons for not selling:

1. Life requires the use of a car from time to time, and I'd inevitably end up getting lifts from other people and not be able to give them lifts in return. I'd feel bad about that. Yes, I could always hire a car, but that would rule out spur of the moment trips, which is one of the joys of driving.

2. Everything involves risk, and I don't want to fall victim to the runaway train fallacy.

I think that since my car is unused it means I've already made up my mind. Now it's just wasting money.


  1. what if you sold it to someone who used it a lot in a frivolous way? wouldn't that be contributing to global warming?

    and what if the person you sold it to wasn't a careful driver?

  2. The short answer to your first question is yes. However, since cars wear out, the increased CO2 emissions are only temporary. My giving up driving is the green bit, and selling the car gives me a financial reward at the cost of some CO2 emissions. So it's mixed but the good outweighs the bad.

    Miraculously the same argument applies to your second question!