Consultation on draft Climate Change Bill

Bob sent me a link to the consultation on the draft Climate Change Bill. Here's the response I sent to Defra:

1. I'm concerned that by raising the cost of carbon emissions in the UK, countries with lower emissions costs will come to see their unregulated emissions as a competitive advantage. This would have the overall effect of making global emissions reduction less likely.

However, if we are going to go ahead with a reduction in emissions then:

2. I like the idea of making GHG emissions limits legally binding. It gives the certainty needed for investment, and may lift the issue above short-term party political interference.

3. I favour the idea of a national carbon levy. The revenue raised by the levy would be divided equally among the population through the income tax system. This would mean that the levy would be tax neutral. The size of the levy would be set annually by a committee with the remit of keeping to the national carbon budget. The committee would work in a similar way to the Monetary Policy Committee.

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