Replacement for 50w halogen GU10 lamps

In the kitchen, bathroom and sitting room I've got 50w halogen lamps with a GU10 fitting. Btw, most people say 'bulb', but apparently in the trade they say 'lamp'. I think it's like in the Navy they never say 'boat'.

Anyway, I'm trying to find a low energy replacement. I've bought two lamps from:


The first one is the 'GU10 5w Cold Cathode lamp' for 7.99 GBP. This works really well. It comes on straight away and is close to the brightness of the halogen ones. The two drawbacks are:

  • The quality of the light isn't as warm as the halogen (but still not too bad).

  • It's bigger than the halogens and so doesn't fit in some sockets, and those where it does fit, it sticks out.

The second one I tried is the 'Luxeon LED lamp' at 10.99 GBP. The good things are:

  • It looks really good.

  • It's exactly the same size and shape of the halogen lamps.

  • It only uses 1W (yes, 1W!)

The bad points are that it isn't very bright, and the quality of the light is slightly odd. My Dad called it 'ghostly'. It's very white with a very slight greenish tinge (to my eyes anyway).

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