I loved this book, although of course I didn't agree with all of it. Take the swimming pools versus guns thing. Levitt says that swimming pools are statistically more dangerous to kids to have at a house, than guns. That may be, but swimming pools are fun and so shouldn't that come into the equation?

That said, the Levitt approach and results will stay with me. Thanks Bob for giving me the book for Christmas!


  1. the question is: are you going to lend me the book?

  2. 'course I am dude! Bob at work has it at the moment, but he's bringing it in next week I think.

  3. having read most of it now i can say that i also disagreed with a lot of it. i found a lot of the conclusions not very sound. the best bit of the whole thing was when he related someone else's research (the bagel guy - a real world example of statistics backing up conventional wisdom).