The Scale of the Problem

Limescale is starting to fur up the boiler in my house. The cheapest solution is one of those magnetic water conditioner things, but I'm doubtful that they work. There's an interesting article from Cranfield University that suggests that that anti-scale magnetic water treatment can work. I think I'll give the Water Imp a go as it has supposedly undergone testing by the University of Bath.


  1. Just out of interest....

    1.how do you know your boiler is being fured up?

    2.Why is it a problem?

    I would be interested to hear if your new magnetic devices works or not!!

  2. I think my boiler's getting furred up because I can hear fragments of limescale move around when I turn the central heating on. Also, I live in a hard water area and everything gets covered in limescale.

    It's a problem because it significantly impairs the efficiency of the boiler.

    I'll do another post in a little while and let you know how it goes!

  3. So did you get it and whats your impression